Portrait by Leandro Justen

Portrait by Leandro Justen

In the art of Walt Cassidy, jewelry, sculpture, drawing and photography collide. Process feeds process; he works it through, works it out even – in what constitutes an art of translation. Biography is fractured into distilled moments of metaphor and motif. Viewing his art is like sneaking a peep of a diary, but that diary is coded and enigmatic: sensory – not legible.”  

Alice Butler for König Magazine, Berlin. 


Walt Cassidy (American, b. 1972) is a multimedia artist and writer based in Brooklyn, New York. His explorative and allegorical work incorporates photography, drawing, sculpture, painting, design and jewelry.

Throughout the 1990’s, as a teenager, Walt Cassidy, then called Waltpaper, was at the center of the New York City Club Kids, an artistic and fashion-conscious youth movement. The group was a definitive force in New York City's underground club culture and made long-lasting contributions to mainstream art and fashion.

The artwork of Walt Cassidy has been exhibited at MASS MOCA; Paul Kasmin Gallery; Deitch Projects; 303 Gallery; Torrance Art Museum; Watermill Center; Vox Populi; Miami Basel Artfair; Leslie-Lohman Museum, and Invisible Exports.

In 2014, Walt Cassidy Studio was established as a jewelry brand, and has expanded to include interiors-based murals.

Walt Cassidy Studio has collaborated with the Brazilian brand Melissa, produced editions with The Long Life China Company, and designed the jewelry for Derek Lam's Spring/Summer 2016 Collection. The jewelry works have been featured at Laloon, The Limited Edition Miami Beach and currently at The Feathered in Mexico City and Maison 10 in New York City.

In October 2019, Cassidy’s first book, NEW YORK: CLUB KIDS by Waltpaper, was published by Damiani. A high-impact visual diary of New York City in the 1990s, NEW YORK: CLUB KIDS is the first comprehensive visual document of the decade’s colorful nightlife and street culture. The book grants special access to an underground world, providing exclusive insight into the lifestyle of this celebrated and notorious clique. Featuring rare and previously unseen photographs along with magazine editorials and ephemera, the book culls from the personal archives of various photographers and artists who participated in the scene.

To honor the release of NEW YORK: CLUB KIDS, Cassidy partnered with the brand Opening Ceremony for the launch and to design a small capsule collection of garments and accessories related to the book. For the collection Cassidy collaborated with the artists, Gregory Homs and Dolphina Jones, who created much of the iconic promotional artwork and branding originally circulated during the era of the mega-club.

Additional publications featuring Walt Cassidy include British Journal of Photography, Interview, Another Man, Dazed, Architectural Digest, Vogue, Elle, Artforum, The Huffington Post, Wall Street Journal Magazine, Artforum, The New York Times, In Style, W Magazine, Candy Magazine, Out, Style.com, Seventeen, Cosmopolitan, and Harpers Bazaar.


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Selected Exhibitions


Interface: Queer Artists Forming Communities Through Social Media, curated by Walt Cessna,  Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art, New York.


The Botanica, curated by AA Bronson and Michael Bühler-Rose, Invisible Exports, New York

Trip The Light Fantastic, curated by Natalie Kates Projects, High Line Gallery, New York.

Walt Cassidy - The Nervous Peal Collection, Jewelry Pop Up, ODD., New York


ARTCORE, Galerie Melilli Manchinetti, Berlin

Drawing Down The Moon, curated by Andrew Suggs, VOX POPULI, Philadelphia, PA

Devil’s Heaven, The Watermill Center, Watermill NY

Bufffalo #2 ,The Opening, Madrid, Paris, Tokyo, London

The Wishing Well, Galeria Melissa, New York, NY

I Killed My Father, I Ate Human Flesh: Pier Paolo Pasolini, Allegra LaViola Gallery, New York, NY


NADA Art Fair Miami, INVISIBLE-EXPORTS, Booth 305, Miami FL

BANZAI!!!, The Red Lotus Room, Brooklyn NY

The Displaced Person, INVISIBLE-EXPORTS, New York, NY


The Unseen, The Torrance Museum of Art, Torrance, CA


Summer Camp / Lost Horizon, curated by Billy Miller, This Is Exile, Berlin, Germany

The Protective Motif, INVISIBLE-EXPORTS, New York, NY

Closed For Installation, 303 Gallery, New York, NY


The Believers, curated by Elizabeth Thomas and Nato Thompson, MASS MOCA, North Adams, MA

Womanizer, curated by Kembra Pfahler, Deitch Projects, New York, NY


Gay Art Now, curated by Jack Pierson, Paul Kasmin Gallery, New York, NY


Male Multiple, curated by Desi Santiago, Stay Gold Gallery, Brooklyn, NY